ARC: Polo Drivers Happy To Go In Different Directions

ARC competitors during Heat 2 of the  International Rally of Queensland which is round 3 of the has spoken to Mick about the new engine being run in the VW Polo and comparing to fellow VW Polo driver Michael Boaden who is using Mick’s old engine configuration the 2Litre NA motor.

“I think we’ve proven over the weekend that both options work,” Mick Patton stated matter of factly when posed with that very question.

Patton was fielding a 1.8-litre turbo-charged engine, the same power plant that came fitted to the road going Polo GTi in Australia. Boaden on the other hand, who had run the same engine as Patton at the season opening Round in Canberra, had switched between events to a 2-litre, normally-aspirated engine.

“We’ve spoken about it a lot over the course of the rally,” explained Michael. “And Mick thinks the turbo is the way to go for his driving style, where as I think for my driving style the normally aspirated engine suits me.”

“Both of our times were very close over the weekend,” added Patton. “So that proves both engines are working positively, and I think that’s the way we wanted it to be, we never wanted one or the other of us to have some massive advantage.”

“The fact that both engines got through the event is a massive tick in VW’s box, regardless of whether you’re talking about the turbo-charged or the normally-aspirated engine,” Patton continued.

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