Behind the team – Mick Patton

So who are the people behind the team, lets look at Driver and Team Principal Mick Patton.

We know that in Australia it is very tough to be a full-time rally driver, what do you do to put food on the table?
I am a Businessman, actually I would class myself as an Entrepreneur.

Is there a better half? with children, if so how many?
I have been married for 11 years to my wife Louise, and I even know the date, I have three beautiful kids, Sam who is 11, Ashley is 7 and little Kate 5.

Why did you start rallying?
In 2009 I won a drive contest with Repco at the WRC Rally Australia event and it has snow balled from there.

Do you admire anyone in life and motorsport?
Neal Bates in Motorsport, Neal has an amazing attitude towards everything. in life I admire anybody who gets up and has a go.

Do you have a favourtie rally?
That I have driven in, I would say QUIT FOrest Rally, Western Australia, that Kinky stage is awesome.
A Rally I havent been to, isnt it the same answer for everyone? WRC Finland, that Ouninpohja stage is just out of this world.

Is there a particular rally you would love to take home the cutlery?
Rally Queensland, because its so technical and difficult, its such a big rally and difficult on both car and crew.

What other sports are you interested in?
Aussie Rules and Baseball.

If you could drive any rally car from history, which would it be?
Petter Solberg 2006 WRC Subaru

What’s been your worst day at the office?
Whats a better questions Vettas!!

I have heard rumours that your Co-Driver and partner in crime Bernie Webb smells, can you finally put this rumour to rest?
Yes I can, I have had my smell sensors surgically removed so i can smell better, the dude stinks :).

Thats 10 questions with Mick Patton.