Mick Patton on the ARC

The Australian based online Rally Magazine RallySportMag has interviewed Mick about the lessons he is learning competing in the ARC.

Below is a small excerpt from the article.

Patton, based out of Canberra, acquired his South African built Volkswagen at the start of the 2013 season and campaigned it last year fitted with a high-revving normally-aspirated engine.

Unfortunately he found the going tough, with engine problems sidelining him at different stages during the year as he battled to extract the right mix of performance and reliability to suit the local conditions.

At the end of the season Patton petitioned the Australian Rally Commission (ARCom) to permit a change of engine to a factory standard 1.8 litre turbo-charged unit as fitted to the Polo GTi delivered in Australia. ARCom agreed on the condition a turbo restrictor was installed similar to the requirements imposed on the FIA-spec R3T cars.

Read the full interview here.