Team News: The Repco Rally Team begin their ARC Campaign FOR 2015

The Repco rally team began their assault on the ARC at the QUIT Forest Rally Power Stage this morning, in dry perfect conditions the team competed in the qualifying, the first time both in the car and in the car on Tarmac, the result was a gallant 1.57.80 

We spoke with Mick about his first competitive stage in the car.

How was the first run in the car?
First gravel test was really good, the RaceTorque team have a lot of experience and its a pleasure to drive.

This was the first time on Tarmac in this car, did you feel comfortable?
Car feels really nice on Tarmac

WA hasn’t been the kindest event for the team of recent how do you think you will go on the slippery wa roads in a 4WD car?
Looking forward to have a great run in wa again. The roads here are great.

Are you feeling more confident coming in to this round in a 4Wd compared to the 2WD, even though you haven’t had much seat time?
Feeling a lot of convidence in the car

Who do you see as the ones to watch this weekend other than yourself?
The Evans battle will be good, JD and mark and any of the local boys.
The team then competed in the first of two SSS on the Busselton foreshore to kick of the event officially before heading in to the forests surrounding nannup tomorrow.

After the two runs the team is sitting in 2nd place in the 4WD classification of the ARC
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