The Heat was on at the QUIT Forest Rally

The bad luck continues, the team has come under fire, literally

After a successful start at the Trade Hire Busselton Super Special Stage on Friday night, Mick and Bernie were excited going in to the forest stages of Heat 1, however disaster struck, on the second stage of the day Ferndale an apparent electrical fire caused major damage resulting in the teams forced withdrawal from the remainder of the event.

Below is the video of the incident.

Below are also just a few photos from the first two stages.

The result was a major disappointment for the team, however they did manage to get out on stage and watch their rivals tear through the forests, Mick even managed to grab our team photographers camera, lets just say we dont think Michael has much to worry about :).

The team now has a long break before the next round of the championship where they head to Queensland for the International Rally of Queensland.